Perhaps you've never thought about it, but eyeglass lenses can be made from different materials. The information below highlights your options - and why you might consider requesting a particular material for your next pair of eyeglasses.

Transition lenses are state of the art lenses that are clear in color while indoors and change to a sunglass shade when exposed to UV light outdoors. The ideal choice for your everyday lenses.


High index is an advanced material that provides significant advantages over traditional plastic lenses. High index lenses are:

  • Thinner, so you’ll have slimmer glasses and can choose from a wider choice of frames.
  • Lighter, so your glasses weigh less and you'll feel more comfortable.
  • Flatter, so your lenses will bulge less from the frame (and if you are farsighted, your eyes will appear less magnified and more natural in size)


Polycarbonate lenses are ten times more impact resistant than conventional plastic. While impact resistant does not mean shatterproof, polycarbonate lenses can give an extra level of protection to lens wearers who have active lives or participate in sports.


Made from a revolutionary PPG material, uniquely offer you better optics. The mission of Trivex is to offer patients all the benefits of today's advanced lens technology without compromising visual acuity or cosmetic appearance. Is designed to allow you to see clearer and take advantage of a thin lens made from one of the lightest weight and impact resistant material available.


Better night vision by increasing light transmission through your lenses, resulting in better vision under all light conditions. Eliminates ghost images, reflections, and no more glare resulting in reduce eye strain. Lenses seem virtually invisible, for a great appearance.


While clear and photo chromic lenses work great as a primary pair of eyewear, everyone should own a second pair of polarized lenses. This is because polarized lenses do what no other lens options or treatment can block blinding glare. By eliminating glare, polarized lenses greatly enhance visual acuity, color contrast, and comfort. Only polarized lenses protect your eyes from blinding glare so you can fully enjoy your favorite outdoor activities. Glare reduction is superior to ordinary sunglasses. Has Ultraviolet protection.